Focus And Feeling : Makes You Strong And Weak

If you are deeply thinking about the title, then you must have thought about an actor who put the focus and feel the character. He shows his talent through this equation. But it has two sides, positive and negative.

When you focus on something, your brain only more workable than your thoughts and feelings. If you do so it means you are attracting some kind of energy, that energy transforms into your feelings and the output brings unbelievable.

But in some of the cases, focusing and feeling it worsen the situation and shows a negative impact on our lives. I would like to share one of my incident that recently happened. I mate with an accident, I had a huge scratch on my back, just above my waist. I was focusing on the trauma and feeling it and that was worsening the amount of pain I was feeling.
The feeling was more, the pain was more, and the focus too. The energy was transforming into my feelings and I was feeling it very closely. You can apply this law of attraction of feeling in your …

Nawazuddin Siddiqui Vs Irfan Khan

Nawazuddin has now won the hearts of many Indian, He is on the upcoming list of the superstar. His latest web series "Sacred Games" He played the role of a gangster, one of the best characters in the series named people started calling him "Gaitonde".

The story starts from his early life, offensive, abusive and beating others was his main role. He did it very well as he was an experienced actor, Rajshri Deshpande had also contributed an equal amount of her acting and gave a top fight to Mr. Siddiqui. Her work was admirable, her facial expressions leave an impression on the audience.

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Definition of Life: What is Marriage? Whom You Should Get Married

The marriage is a divine thing that everyone has to perform once in life. Not only human, but all the living organism do it. They have their own definition, understanding and terms in this regards.

Getting married frequently and at the mid of the age you are single and live life like that and so on, that is the biggest failure. If such happens, you become alone, your parents will take care of you till they exist, but who will care for you later? Some other day, you will die in a room which no one will notice of your death and a few days later police will find, reaching you sniffing a rotten body. If you died inside of your home then you will find out who was this dead man or if you were found outside dead then it will be difficult for them to name the body. No brother or sister take cares of anyone in today's date, only parents or your wife can possibly do it

I have seen many friends who dislike getting married or saw many who just want a physical relationship, they love to keep su…

Good Government Should Provide Shelter First : Economical and Social Condition of India

Any of the government has to provide the three needs of the human, ignoring them, they keep petrol price high that is one of the shameful. The Indian officials are lagging behind something, especially knowledge of the modern and poor society.
Many India citizen is homeless in the metro cities, they are living on the rent, half of the salary gets utilized in the accommodation only. Where the government is focusing? They are busy making roads. But for what? Where the authority should focus on?

I got many questions in my head, what is wrong in the system and what part of India should be developed? A small guy can tell the basic needs of a human then why the management does not know? There is only a main reason either they are rich enough hence they don't understand the problem of middle-class people.

They must carry out one mission, provide a home for homeless people with 80% of subsidy policy. But where goes wrong? They have land they can provide with lowest EMI to the public only …

The Human Stopped Talking to The Human

The human stopped talking to the human They are losing the hope of people around them  and burning their feelings in the Oven Switching to electronic media, they are far away from the real feel and touch. The new practice they have started, Holding a mobile in their hand sitting on the chair or coach. They forget who is walking, talking or calling. Human nowadays make sure where their thumb goes On the mobile screen, In a speed like the water flows Ignoring what amount of radiation comes They are not aware, two centuries later their brain will dumb Relations are spoiling sometimes cause of extra or fewer useless messages or calls They think it does not matter, switches the relationship and again falls.

Trekking On A Nearest Hill With My Parents

It was a Friday evening, spending the entire week at home alone is very difficult to ask me. I want to breathe a fresh air, away from the polluted city. Though we stay at city annexe, 30 km from the heart of the city and still feel the air pollution around my city.

I thought to go to a hill that I never been to before. I cried and forced my dad to go somewhere. My mom and dad had taken me to many places but today we came to a strange place. The place that was so sloppy, green and cold. For a moment, I felt that I opened the door of our refrigerator. A smile of happiness and a bit of confused mind feeling a magical place. It was awesome. My mom just placed me on the ground mix of yellow and green grass.

The cold air sometimes used to passes through my ear or sometimes feeling my hair dancing around it. A never notice strength had come in my arms and legs.

"A different kind of laugh and smile appeared on her face," my mom said to my dad.
I simply looked up at them, smiled and…

11 Things Women Should Aware of in Her Relationship

Never Share With Your Close Friends Especially the thing those create a problem in your newly married relationship that includes planning for shopping with your friends, getting help in choosing a particular things to impress your boyfriend or husband. These things results into the awkward behavior of your friends and brings the jealousy into your good mates and thus your sweet marriage life gets disturbed too because of your unhappy mood and unexpected behavior. It is better not to share anything with your friends and family. Try to analyze quation and solve your own problem on your own.
Remember every friend will not give you a wise suggestions.

Only Go To A Party With Your Close Friends, Not Husband or Boyfriend Going to parties with your husband bounds you to the strict adherence and limited period with limited happiness. If you choose any of your friends who are very close and open to you to share on any topic that would go at least better. In parties, we do unexpected things, d…

This is How We Celebrate Diwali : Family's Diwali Celebration in India

India's one of the most important festivals, Diwali. Everyone wants to go to their hometown, meet parents and old friends. We just celebrated away from our parents and relatives. The happiness was with us, for that we started the day early in the morning on the day of Goddess Laxmi Puja.

This festival is pure of light, the entire house, doors, windows, corridor and verandah with full of Diyas. We also put artificial light to make our home beautiful. On that day, we dress up more than in any marriage or party. And for farmers, the crop has already arrived at their home and thus it is a big celebration for them.

Every person of the house tries their best to decorate and light the house, before the season of Diwali starts, they dust of the house, paint it nicely. For the entire five days, people decorate with Diyas, bulb, paintings and the most famous Rangoli around the house. This is all being done for just to welcome Goddess Laxmi and at the evening time, Laxmi puja happens at eve…

Well Done Officers - Avni : A Man Eater Tiger Death in Maharashtra India

Avni's murder was right decision had taken by officials. It was a dangerous Tiger. There have been many months thrill of Avni was spreading across Maharashtra, in India. formerly called as T-1

There was a dark day for villagers when T-1 had started considering human as goat, cow or other animals. The first incident had recorded in 2016 and government and other villagers around the affected area claimed that 13 people killed by Avni.

Maharashtra officials paid rupees 10 lac per individual. It was a dangerous creature on the land of central Maharashtra and local communities were living under a terror. The question was how long they would live in terror of a wild aminal. They even can't go outside in the evening time. Most of the villages are surrounded by farms and it's a narrow road that leads to a nearby market in another village.

"Any animal out of human's control should be dead."

The terror was spreading day by day after the first incidence and people stop…

Movie Reviews - Thugs of Hindostan

The entry of the movie was not that impressing and does not create any suspense. It just started gearing up the story. It was all about Thugs who deceives British and pirate only for revenge.
The lead actors are only three, Aamir, Amitabh, Lloyd Owen and Sana Shaikh and one supporting role by Zeeshan Ayyub. Out of which Sana played very well compared to Aamir Khan and Amitabh Bachchan.
The story is very straightforward, the story was not so dramatic often more inclined to action. The entire movie's story can be told in just ten lines.

British actor Lloyd Owen has done considerable acting as a villain in the movie. It was impressive and well acted.

Few things went wrong in terms of acting, What was expected from Aamir Khan was not met. Sometimes he was seemed out of his character when he was dancing, and no doubt on his dialogues was good and engaging the audience. Sometimes made me laughed in some situation where I was feeling bored. The tone of Aamir Khan was well suited for th…

Love Keeps Us Alive

Love keeps us alive
It is matter by what things we are tied
If it is an iron string or a rotten rope
The connection of love, soul to soul will fight and cope
My feelings for you are enormous, 
in my heart, it is securely lodged
Nobody can snatch or take away from me babe
I will die before you, engaging securing you till the end of my last blood
Though I died, my soul will not leave you this is my word
My love is unconditional 
If you died early, you can live with me even paranormal
Every night, I will be holding you beside
Just give a chance, your hand, 
In my life, I will never lie
I will forgive your every mistake
Even if my heart you misplaced
If you love this way, 
We both in the heaven will lay
I am sure we will alive forever
People will never forget ever

It's Matters What You Do In Life - Do Good Things on This Holly Earth

This is the life I lived
I was a cruel, Nobody I feed
I was a Thieve and murdered many
Killed the emotions, feelings for a penny
My brain was house of evil thought
Day and night they use to fight
I am tired, I can't walk alone
Nobody lives around me, wife sold my house and gone
I need a help, I wanted to go to a hospital.
I am a beggar I live in a drainage pipe under a bridge
I eat same food from weeks, to keep them, I have no fridge
I was a bad man, was living in a bungalow and rich
I had married a woman who was a witch
She ran away, leaving me alone here in the drainage pipe
I hardly bath when rain and use my shirt for body wipe
I learned end of my life, Never hurt anyone.
you have to pay back. for you, waiting someone
God, the pain I am getting is enough now
I ate no food today, give me a bit anyhow
If the death is easy
Give me you'r crazy

What is Wrong Happening to Bollywood - Newcomers are Going Under Lip Surgery

There are many celebrities who's surgery went wrong. In Bollywood, Changing lips shape and size has been now trending. Few of them got luckier and few ruined their beautiful face look.

Recently I saw a pic of Ayesha Takia, She looks very different than her natural innocent look. Now her face has been changed considerably and her lips look somewhat same like others who went lips surgery.

The list in Bollywood going up day to day with surgery transformation, we have nowadays many examples in our industry. But what would happen if everyone looks same? For the director, it would be difficult to cast as per their preference, role and if he wants innocent and cute look then where the director will find that face?

The actress like Anushka Sharma who went twice for lips surgery at the time of PK, due to its rubbish shape she scared for days. Before waste no time, she made it better and now it looks good.

There is another example in front of us, Mouni Roy, now she is in a list of the top India…

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