Thursday, 8 November 2018

Movie Reviews - Thugs of Hindostan

The entry of the movie was not that impressing and does not create any suspense. It just started gearing up the story. It was all about Thugs who deceives British and pirate only for revenge.
The lead actors are only three, Aamir, Amitabh, Lloyd Owen and Sana Shaikh and one supporting role by Zeeshan Ayyub. Out of which Sana played very well compared to Aamir Khan and Amitabh Bachchan.
The story is very straightforward, the story was not so dramatic often more inclined to action. The entire movie's story can be told in just ten lines.

British actor Lloyd Owen has done considerable acting as a villain in the movie. It was impressive and well acted.

Few things went wrong in terms of acting, What was expected from Aamir Khan was not met. Sometimes he was seemed out of his character when he was dancing, and no doubt on his dialogues was good and engaging the audience. Sometimes made me laughed in some situation where I was feeling bored. The tone of Aamir Khan was well suited for the role and costumes were well designed for him.

If I talked about Amitabh, I really impressed with his makeup, style and the costume. I am damn sure, on the set Bachchan must have consumed more time. His make up was awesome and creative. He played well, I never Imagine his tone and language had a connection with the setting and language of the movie. It could have been more local language would have gotten into the character in deep. His pronunciation was barely audible. Usual base in his voice sounds common tone in his recent movies.

I am overwhelmed with acting by Sana Sheikh. She did good, I can say better than her last movie. Her Language was not that much concerned about her role, well-maintained language.

Before the interval, the motive of the characters was clear as the sky, but Firangi was making it confuse - Aamir Khan. I can say he was a real Thug - his job was snatching other friends and make money, till the end of the movie he confused the audience and kept suspense ten minutes of before the movie gets over. The movie ends in winning the revenge and Firangi leaves the fort that's all about it.

Ships and some seen remind me "Pirates of Caribbean" but the movie's story is totally different, but I can say, Johnny Depp's characters somewhere make me remember in the movie when I see Aamir Khan.

Katrina Kaif worked as an item girl and danced well in the film. Her role was very short and mostly was at the beginning of the songs.

Overall the Movie is good for those who love action rather than a dramatic film. For time being, you can go with your family and watch. If you are getting bored at home and want some mood fresh or if you love these actors then it is the right movie to watch this Diwali.

Vijay Acharya has done well work - But somewhere something was incomplete. He displayed the history of India very good.

Love Keeps Us Alive

Love keeps us alive

It is matter by what things we are tied

If it is an iron string or a rotten rope

The connection of love, soul to soul will fight and cope

My feelings for you are enormous, 

in my heart, it is securely lodged

Nobody can snatch or take away from me babe

I will die before you, engaging securing you till the end of my last blood

Though I died, my soul will not leave you this is my word

My love is unconditional 

If you died early, you can live with me even paranormal

Every night, I will be holding you beside

Just give a chance, your hand, 

In my life, I will never lie

I will forgive your every mistake

Even if my heart you misplaced

If you love this way, 

We both in heaven will lay

I am sure we will alive forever

People will never forget ever